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Welcome to the Atlanta Swing Dancers Club website. We want to make Atlanta a better place to dance. We strive to foster a warm, encouraging, and healthful environment for new dancers. We hope to inspire experienced dancers to be more creative with their dance. We attempt to create and sustain a sense of community among all swing dancers, swing dance clubs, and all other dance organizations.

The Atlanta Swing Dancers Club (ASDC) has regularly scheduled weekly dancing and lessons Sunday's at Nemoe's Tavern. While the majority of our classes focus on west coast swing (wcs), our club welcomes all dancers and styles of dancing, including lindy hop, Carolina shag, country western, ballroom, Latin.

Our west coast swing instruction comes from local instructors that are actively traveling and competing at National Association of Swing Dance Events. Each instructor attempts to have each lesson add to your dance repertoire. Our DJs mix the new music hits with the great sounds of years past. The DJs strive to get you on the dance floor and inspire your dance creativity.

Come out and give west coast swing dancing a try. The ASDC members look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!
ASDC: Making Atlanta a Better Place to Dance!

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